i was reminded a little while ago that i still had a lot of saved urls (which i’m obviously never going to use) so here are all of the ones i’ve just opened:

  • riversechoes
  • rorysreindeer
  • oswaldscloud
  • aswald
  • trenzalcrd
  • uswin
  • oswinative
  • capaldile
  • capaldyskidneys
  • rosescense
  • clarative
  • oswaldacity
  • sirharknes
  • timelvrds
  • claravswald
  • marthasmittens
  • capaldischristmas
  • clarascandycanes
  • petrifiedpond
  • capaldible

tumblr isn’t worth it.

it makes me angry and sad and anxious and it keeps my away from having an actual life.

some of the people on here are fucking assholes (i.e. clarascape) EDIT: all of you are hilarious for still talking about this, and yes is is an asshole


treating people like animals who need to be put down is so great, isn’t it?

and some of the people are worth staying for, but honestly i am so unhappy since i came back and it’s really not worth it at all

i wanted to do things this summer and all i’ve been doing since i got back is sit on here and complain and whine and moan and bitch and reblog pictures that i could just fucking google

so i don’t see a point in tumblr anymore

so yeah


also, if you were ever nice to me then i love you and if you were ever mean then i most likely know your ip address and you should expect some flaming shit on your doorstep sometime soon because go fuck yourself


oh and since the last time i left no one tried to contact me, here you go:

even if it’s just to say goodbye since i really gave no warning